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Heavy Hitters of Comedy

Bringing back the old form of traditional stand-up comedy.


The Heavy Hitters of Comedy is a Los Angeles based stand-up comedy production company, creating live performance opportunities for working and established comedians. We understand the needs of today’s working comedians, dealing with a comedy scene in Los Angeles that features far too many substandard comedy outlets. We believe our model is one of the finest.

Our show consists of 6 comedians: a host, 4 features and a headliner comedian. It’s a 90 minute, once a month show that showcases elite comedy talent, with headliners performing 30 minute sets. Each show falls on Tuesday, making it more convenient for veteran comedians who tend to be out of town from Thursday until Sunday.

Our goal is to make this show a flagship comedy enterprise and we look forward to working with you to help us get there.

The History of the HHOC

Founded by Comedian and Producer, Mike Casentini.


The Heavy Hitters of Comedy was founded by Mike Casentini in 2006 as a comedy focused website and show production company. The website featured an array of different comedy related content including original content, profiled comedians, and comedy clubs. Eventually, the site morphed into a full blown professional and social driven website, still focusing on comedy as a whole.

In late 2009, we decided to pull the plug on the website project for the moment, but the brand Heavy Hitters of Comedy was not finished playing the game.

In the beginning of 2013, the Heavy Hitters of Comedy landed the iconic venue, The Mint in Los Angeles, producing their very first show on June 25th, 2013.